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Hello there! 

First and foremost, usually when you go to a website there "Home" page is all formal to help them, as a business, gain credibility, but my team and I find it easier to portray this company as real human beings! Because you are a human and so are your customers. Hence, we need to appeal to you and them!

So! We want to 'formally' welcome you to Kopac Consultancy,  a small business helping other small businesses grow and achieve their goals. I am Jocelyn the owner (picture is there on the left, in case you wanted to know what I looked like) and I consider myself an Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer & Photographer (aka I tend to consider myself a creative multipotenialite). I have immersed myself in social networking, identifying growth goals (business and personal) and implementing strategies necessary to achieve them, and pride myself in being a Renaissance woman with the ability to succeed in any scope of work from social media to, personal and company branding, to motivational speaking. 

Since I started my journey as an entrepreneur it has led me down many paths, but my favorite one, by far, is working with startups, entrepreneurs and small business to get them the engagement, views and ideally sales they need to reach and exceed their business goals! Because we want the best for your business, and to be experts in what we do, we only focus on, the three crucial social media platforms, FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. We have mastery of those platforms, the ability, and the knowledge to help you publish useful content on all three. Therefore we are confident after a little bit with us you will see your analytics soar and your sales increase. Check out our services to learn more about our marketing consulting services.

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E-mail: talkto@jocelynjkopac.com